Life Update.. I Guess

A lot of shit went down since I last wrote a blog post here..To begin with I graduated from High School in spring/summer and now I'm studying Biology as my major in an University in Turku. So I'm currently living on my own about 400km from my family and friends. But I'm actually enjoying myself and quite like it. 
In summer I travelled alot around in the country and also visited Sweden for about a week or so. I was quite busy the whole summer looking for an apartment here in Turku and fixing alot of school related stuff and so. But I also got to enjoy the finnish summer with alot of ,eating grilled food,staying out late,partying and just enjoying the company of people I love. 
I don't know if I'll catch up with this blog again or if this is just another rush to just write something here to release my creative energy, we'll see about that I guess..
Just so this first "hey I'm back post" won't be so super boring I'll just throw in some pictures to abstractly show what I've been up to all this time.
And some of ya'll will be like .. TF why is she writing in english and to be honest , I dont even know,just felt like it.
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